A literary analysis of blue winds dancing by tom whitecloud

It has been a popular essay among readers of Indian literature because of its powerful theme and the quality of its style, which becomes almost lyrical at times.

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Good country for an Indian reservation. They seem to think there should be a better distribution of wealth, or more work, or something. While a student at Redlands, Whitecloud had contemplated careers other than medicine.

In their wisdom, they understand they are all part of something universal. Minnesota, and great white fields of snow; frozen lakes, and dawn running into dusk without noon. A pine fighting for existence on a windy knoll is much more beautiful. I am alone; alone but not nearly so lonely as I was back at the campus at school.

His young wife by his side looks at him hopefully. Giant cacti that look like petrified hitchhikers along the highways.

A literary analysis of blue winds dancing by tom whitecloud

A bunch of bums warming at a tiny fire talk politics and women and joke about the Relief and the WPA and smoke cigarettes. Then one can look back over his trail and see the tracks following.

Soft lake waves wash the shores, and sunsets burst each evening over the lakes, and make them look as if they were afire. All the eyes are friendly; they all laugh. In my Wisconsin, the leaves change before the snows come. They nod slightly, imperceptibly, and their eyes laugh into mine.

During his later years, he also wrote and lectured extensively. He was in and out of public schools as well as federal Indian schools in Albuquerque, Chilocco, and Santa Fe.

I hug the cold steel wall of the tender ant think of the roaring fire in the engine ahead, and of the passengers back in the dining car reading their papers over hot coffee. In the air is the smell of wild rice and venison cooking; and when the winds come whispering through the forests, they carry the smell of rotting leaves.

Tom Whitecloud

The narrator writes of life during the Great Depression of the s. There is one from which comes black coal smoke that rises lazily and drifts out over the tops of the trees. In the evenings, the loon calls, lonely; and birds sing their last songs before leaving.

I leave him, and head north to see mesa country.External links "Blue Winds Dancing" by Tom Whitecloud Native American Authors Project; Remembering Thomas Whitecloud III (Tulane University) — obituary of his son Exhibition of his son's art collection.

"Blue Winds Dancing," written by Tom Whitecloud, is a short story about a young man's struggle to exist in both a civilized and uncivilized America. Throughout the story, the young Native American encounters a foreign concept, what he perceives as "civilization", and wants to return to a more famili /5(4).

Analysis Conflict Tom Whiteclouds Blue Winds. ring of axes in deep woods, the crunch of snow beneath my feet. I feel again the smooth velvet of ghost-birch bark" (Whitecloud ). In "Blue Winds Dancing," author Tom Whitecloud uses vivid descriptions of the outdoors.

He. TOM WHITECLOUD (): Blue Winds Dancing. by: Thomas S. Whitecloud. T here is a moon out tonight. Moons and stars and cloud tipped with moonlight.

And there is a fall wind blowing in my heart. The white line of the lake ends at a black forest, and above the trees the blue winds are dancing.

Character Analysis of Tom Whitecloud’s “Blue Winds Dancing” In this story or fictionalized autobiographical fragment Whitecloud develops a character, a young Native American man, stuck within an internal conflict of discovering his individuality and his true identity.

Throughout the story the narrator shows characteristics of rebellion. “Blue Winds Dancing” by Tom Whitecould is driven by conflict. The narrator of the story is an educated Native American man living in a predominantly white society.

Character Analysis: Blue Wind Dancing

He experiences both internal and external conflict which foster his growth in the story.

A literary analysis of blue winds dancing by tom whitecloud
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