An analysis of the concept of community development

Ecovillage A number of ways to categorize types of community have been proposed. They do change, as community standards evolve, but that change can not be rushed or guided through outside influence or conscious manipulation.

As with all six dimensions, a change in one such as the social dimension will have effects in each other the other five dimensions. A municipality is an administrative local area generally composed of a clearly defined territory and commonly referring to a town or village.

This remains the standard treatment of neighbourhood work in the UK. For the mobilizer, and for anyone who is engaged in any development activities, the important part of all this is the variety of interconnections between those cultural dimensions. Book 1 examines the roots of the method, surveying for generative themes, problem-posing materials, and adult learning and literacy training.

However, while many community services are voluntary, some may be part of alternative sentencing approaches in a justice system and it can be required by educational institutions as part of internships, employment training, and post-graduation plans.

One of the primary challenges of community development is to balance the need for long-term solutions with the day-to-day realities that require immediate decision-making and short-term action.

The person engaged in various tasks the primary workers attract other secondary workers who cater to their needs.

Critical analysis of community development - Essay Example

Systems Perspective From a systems perspective, a community is similar to a living creature, comprising different parts that represent specialized functions, activities, or interests, each operating within specific boundaries to meet community needs.

As history progresses, political systems become more complex, and power and influence increased and affected larger numbers of people.

In some places there were countervailing forces to this movement away from education and from mutual aid and community. Likewise, agriculture has been giving way to industry. The focus is on engaging people to work together and with service providers to build the capacity of neighbourhoods to tackle social problems on their own.

State intervention is largely short-term, looking to outcomes and interested in economic growth and efficiency. Further reading and references Batten, T. In this piece we suggest that community development is perhaps best used to describe those approaches which use a mix of informal education, collective action and organizational development and focus on cultivating social justice, mutual aid, local networks and communal coherence.

Economic development and the quality and appropriateness of state and other services may well form a part of this attention — but are not the foci around which activity revolves. Finally when conditions were favorable the towns developed into metropolises or large cities that according to Gras appeared with the rise of empires and nation states.

This is where a community is self-consciously treated as an entity to be projected and re-created. C apacity building is an approach to development rather than a set of discrete or pre-packaged interventions.

A healthy community has well-connected, interdependent sectors that share responsibility for recognizing and resolving problems and enhancing its well-being.

What is community development?

Explores different examples of practice and examines recent convergence between participatory development and participatory governance. Community development is a tool for managing change but it is not: As society become more complex, and different groups came into contact with each other, simple trade through various forms of barter were acquired.

There is also a substantial section on resources. The dimension has to do with how people act in relation to each other, their expectations, their assumptions, their judgements, their predictions, their responses and their reactions.

It was also common during the European colonization of the Americas to build according to a plan either on fresh ground or on the ruins of earlier Amerindian cities. Public administrators, in contrast, need to understand community development in the context of rural and urban development, housing and economic development, and community, organizational and business development.

Over the next few years it will be interesting to see how more convivial notions of community development fare.THE CONCEPT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT by Karl A.

Foxl I.


Introduction Community development means different things to different people. It can involve the construction or rearrangement of physical facilities --sewer systems.

A community is a small or large social unit (a group of living things) that has something in common, such as norms, religion, values, or dominicgaudious.netities often share a sense of place that is situated in a given geographical area (e.g.

a country, village, town, or neighborhood) or in virtual space through communication platforms. Durable relations. development process and leverage additional support and entitlements.

These associations are the vehicles through which all a community's assets. In this essay, the concept of community, what it is and the different types of community will be discussed.

Concepts of Community

Also, the association between community, youth and its influence on the environment will be acknowledged. Theories of the development of Communities. Man has always lived in groups.

It was not however until human groups began living a more or less sedentary life that settlements or communities appeared. THE CONCEPT OF DEVELOPMENT. Download.

Before doing any comprehensive and detailed analysis on the concept of development, it is very important to discuss the two main perspectives on development and how these perspectives have shaped the tenets of the concept.

Concepts of Community

Clearly understanding the two theories, which are modernization .

An analysis of the concept of community development
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