An introduction to the history of the electric circus

Rhodes, proprietor and manager; J. O'Hearn will be treasurer and handle the office. The Circus Royal has been here and gone upon its way, and as a circus we must say that it is very thin; as a menagerie it is still thinner; and as a museum it is so thin you can't see it.

This show is found on other pages on this website. Summer and winter season. Gregory will have a new tent and a double-deck banner front, and in the show will be found Prof.

Nick Levine of Digital Spy described it as "a rampaging monster of a song whose chorus kicks off with a Max Martin -style and Timbaland thump".

Germani, better known as the jongleur volante, exhibiting an interesting display of equilibriums on horse back.

FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER: The Electric Circus

Wanted, for Oliver's Great Eastern Show, strong man, bar team, good concert man that can double brass. People were everywhere and moved mysteriously in the smoky dim light. Like Woodstock, if you remembered much of what happened at the E.

Kohlund, contracting agent; Ben Vose? Library of Congress, Washington, D.

Circus (song)

Hocum, having closed a successful season with Oliver's Great Eastern Shows, is now resting at Milbank? We are playing to fine business through Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the people are all well and happy. Bandwagon, May-June,p.

During the recent automobile show at Montreal, Mr. The Cretan lady gymnast, Madam Sanyeah, makes her mid-air flight, from centre pole to centre pole, a distance of over one hundred feet in Older's Monster Triple Show. It met its death at Springfield, Tennessee. I was there at the opening night, and then on for a long time I remember we use to give discounts to the Circus employees so we get in free.

More than two hundred shots were fired, and the doors and windows of a dozen houses in the neighborhood show bullet marks today.The virtues of electric appliances described in verse and pictures, Catalogs of electrical equipment, Electric stoves and.

Highlighted clubs include: GG’s Barnum Room, Le Clique, Xenon, Studio 54, Ice Palace, Crisco Disco, Paradise Garage, Electric Circus, The Fun House, and Hurrah.

W.A.S.P. release Inside the Electric Circus

The unique context of these clubs allowed for unprecedented interaction between groups — straights danced with gays, whites with blacks and Latinos, young with old, and rich with poor.

Handenberger & Co.'s Royal Circus, and the Great Astley's London Museum, Menagerie, Aquarium, and Electric Light Shows will exhibit at Lebanon, Monday, May 21st. living wild beasts, including the elephant "Empress," and the blue-horned horse.

Upstate New York News

Frank Sprague installed a complete system of electric streetcars in Richmond, Virginia, in This was the first large-scale and successful use of electricity to run a city's entire system of streetcars. After that, Electric Circus had a variety of hosts. The show ran for an hour and a half untilwhen it was shortened to one hour.

Two concerts were hosted annually: one at Canada's Wonderland during the summer, and another at Winterlude in Ottawa during the winter. The interior of the Electric Circus on St. Mark’s Place. Pic courtesy Christian Montone/flickr WARNING The article contains a couple light spoilers about last night’s ‘Mad Men’ on AMC.

If you’re a fan of the show, come back once you’re watched the episode.

An introduction to the history of the electric circus
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