An overview of the treaty of versailles document

This council was replaced by the "Council of Five", formed from each countries foreign ministers, to discuss minor matters. Christian missionaries were dissuaded from being too overt in proselytising, agreements were made with remaining Indian rulers to respect their traditional rights and massive investments were made to improve the infrastructure of the sub-continent.

Napoleon made clear his intentions to invade Britain and built up considerable forces in the Boulogne area from to The huge German reparations and the war guilt clause fostered deep resentment of the settlement in Germany, and when Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland in a violation of the treatythe Allies did nothing to stop him, thus encouraging future German aggression.

Settlers in New Zealand had to come to terms with a highly organised, populous and determined people who were collectively referred to as Maoris. They were encouraged to develop agricultural products that could be sold back to Britain to feed and clothes its ever increasing population.

They left Ireland in an attempt to reanimate the Spanish and restart their rebellions against the English. Portuguese attacking EIC fort in Surat It was domestic and constitutional politics at home that once again threatened to spill the apple cart.

Article The functions of the International Labour Office shall include the collection and distribution of information on all subjects relating to the international adjustment of conditions of industrial life and labour, and particularly the examination of subjects which it is proposed to bring before the Conference with a view to the conclusion of international conventions, and the conduct of such special investigations as may be ordered by the Conference.

British Landing in Boston, Just over a decade after the Seven Years War, the British found themselves with a full blown revolution by her own colonists in North America. The Rising Metropolis of London The Sixteenth Century saw England change from being a minor bit player that dabbled in international voyages and exploration to becoming a major player with skills and ambition to rival any other European country.

But it is perhaps events in India during this century that would help define a new style of Empire and new commercial opportunities as Britain's involvement with the sub-continent transcended from being merely a commercial one to a dominating political one. As mentioned previously, much of the fighting in Europe was conducted by the Prussians whilst the British largely concentrated on maritime and imperial endeavours.

The British army was reorganised from top to bottom. In addition to the Hong Kong entrepot, Britain established Singapore as a port between the two most important trading giants of the continent, India and China and was also en route to the increasingly important Australian and New Zealand colonies.

However, traders had generally tried to stay for as short a period as possible in what they rightly referred to as 'the white man's grave'. Therefore, the three main nations in the lead up to the treaty were far from united on how Germany should be treated.

It was not until later that the cultural and religious differences exploded into violent dispute and showed the true cost of these policies. The other disaster was the Indian Mutiny of But it was perhaps the rise of France with her own imperial ambitions that dominated the second half of the Seventeenth Century.

The United States actually invaded Canada in to try and bring it into its own Union by force. This suspicion seemed to be confirmed to many English when she presided over the loss of England's last continental foothold Calais as she supported her Spanish husband in a war against the French.

House of Commons The Hanoverian accession in is another important strand in British and Imperial history during the Eighteenth Century.

Not even Napoleon himself could touch England. The Saar, on the borders of France, was to be placed under the League of Nations for 15 years, the left bank of the Rhine permanently demilitarised, the entire Rhineland occupied for up to 15 years.

Elizabeth would later see a flip in these fortunes as maritime exploits boomed but Irish affairs deteriorated dramatically.

Group of Eight

England now had a formidable army and navy with which to impose its will.The Treaty of Versailles was the peace settlement signed after World War One had ended in and in the shadow of the Russian Revolution and other events in treaty was signed at the vast Versailles Palace near Paris – hence its title – between Germany and the Allies.

Age of Exploration. Day 79* Look at your key terms. *Print the Age of Exploration Key Terms.; Read the introduction. The years between and was a period of. John Piper - Hope (summary of series Our Hope).mp3 (3MB) Norman A.

Graebner - the versailles treaty and Its Legacy. the Failure of the Wilsonian Vision [][A]. Open Document.

The Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles •The Treaty of Versailles dealt specifically with Germany and was the major discussion during the draw up of the peace settlement whereas the other treaties dealt with the geo-political and economic future of Europe.

• The agreement containing the principles on which the League of Nations was to. The American Documents for the Study of History AMDOCS is maintained by an unfunded group of volunteers dedicated to providing quality materials for free public access, and was founded in Primary Documents - Treaty of Versailles: Articles Labour.

PART XIII. SECTION I. ORGANISATION OF LABOUR. Whereas the League of Nations has for its object the establishment of universal peace, and such a peace can be established only if it is based upon social justice.

An overview of the treaty of versailles document
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