Athletes and domestic violence

He was publicly accused of sexual assault by a woman in Nevada—the prosecutor declined to press charges on her behalf, so she initiated a civil suit. While only nine punishments related to domestic violence or sexual assault were doled out by teams or leagues in the past five years, if the Revised NFL Policy had been in effect in all leagues during this period, this number would have been at least If they are lucky, the victim may have had the strength to go to the hospital immediately after the attack and have evidence of physical trauma, though most rape kits do not produce such results in adult women.

First, many victims of domestic violence and sexual assault do not report to the police. Although such reports might make it seem that pro athletes are more likely to be perpetrators of domestic violencethis is actually not the case, according to some sources.

Pro Athletes and Domestic Violence: Who Sets the Standard?

I think few entities in the country that have the ability—both financially and in terms of impact—to accomplish a thing like that. Victims should be encouraged to come forward, not stifled.

However, only some teams have moved forward with establishing those relationships. It is not surprising that there have been no convictions of professional athletes for sexual assault fromdespite 18 allegations, and that prosecutors rarely even press formal charges—their cases are already lost.

This may be where the leagues need to start, since they have not previously confronted these issues head-on. Further, the teams should be prohibited from suggesting that domestic violence is an internal issue that should be referred to the team alone.

The leagues should implement a bright line rule that team and player security must recuse itself from any such investigation. Why can we not prosecute Athletes and domestic violence violence committed by professional athletes?

The athletes often treat these women with disdain and yet are still tempted by their offers of sex. Only one team, the Boston Celtics, punished its player—Jared Sullinger, who was arrested for assault and battery, intimidation of a witness and malicious destruction of property after allegedly pinning his girlfriend to a bed and the floor, received a one-game suspension.

These were a couple of party girls. While no arrest data broken down by income, BJS survey provided breakdowns for victimization rates.

Also this month, Minnesota Vikings running backAdrian Peterson was charged with child abuse for allegedly hitting his 4-year old son with a tree branch. In fact, as pointed out by Lindsay H.

Athletes and domestic violence Ravens tweeted and later deleted: Despite the understandable considerations that convince many women not to testify against former or current loved ones, there is other evidence upon which the leagues and law enforcement can rely.

Remember, of the 18 reported allegations of sexual assault committed by professional athletes in the past five years, only seven arrests were made and no convictions though two players pleaded no contest to lesser charges.

In the wake of the Ray Rice backlash, Commissioner Goodell made a number of changes, including to personnel, policy and procedure. Based on a Westlaw search of newspapers across the United States, [17] there were 64 reported incidents of domestic violence or sexual assault allegedly committed by athletes in MLB, the NFL and the NBA during this five-year period.

He was charged with domestic abuse but those charges were dropped after the witness and victim left the country. Similarly, in a memoir, Bodyguard to the Packers, Jerry Parins, a police officer who became the security director for the Green Bay Packers, recounted how his connections to the police force were useful when players were in trouble.

It is not clear that a change in policies and procedures is going to result in real change unless we change the perception that the public and other players and league employees have about domestic violence and sexual assault.

My friend is back there with Ben. I should have picked drugs or I should have picked beating up my wife or girlfriend because if you do those three, you get a second chance.

And that none of these factors should keep us from assessing the actual facts and determining whether one of our culturally elite abused his power and deserves to be punished. He was suspended by the Mets for two games and put on the disqualified list due to a season-ending thumb injury that resulted from the fight.

Why is the onus on the victim, who has been both physically and emotionally harmed and may remain fearful for her life or wellbeing, to determine whether or not a professional athlete should be punished for a crime evidence suggests was committed?

As Senator Claire McCaskill Democrat of Missouri said in her testimony at a Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation hearing on the issue of professional sports and violence against women: Only one of the allegations of domestic violence resulted in conviction though four players pleaded guilty to lesser charges and three players pleaded no contest[25] and none of the allegations of sexual assault resulted in conviction though two players pleaded no contest.

What did [the alleged victim] herself do? Next, as illustrated above, the role of team security and player personal security in internal investigations and law enforcement proceedings needs to be addressed. When these factors do not dissuade the survivor from testifying, professional athletes also have the financial resources to make an offer that the survivor cannot turn down in exchange for her silence, especially when the alternative is publicly reliving a terrifying event with no promise of punishment.

And that none of these factors should keep us from assessing the actual facts and determining whether one of our culturally elite abused his power and deserves to be punished. Each of MLB, the NFL and the NBA has consistently doled out punishment for off-field conduct unrelated to the game, such as driving under the influence, using non-performance enhancing drugs like marijuana and even making racist or homophobic statements which, while repugnant, is not criminal behavior.

Thus, false rape accusations are, at most, slightly above average, but also quite possibly occurring at exactly the same rate as false accusations of other crimes. For instance, the charges against DeAndre Liggins of the Oklahoma City Thunder were ultimately dropped, despite his being arrested for two counts of kidnapping, two counts of domestic violence and battery with a dangerous weapon, three counts of domestic abuse in the presence of a minor and one count of violating a protective order.

Either way, someone needs to step up to the plate.

Athletes, domestic violence and the hurdle of indifference

There is no reason that I can think of where this would be rational or desirable. The above-referenced cases had additional evidence including witness testimony, DNA evidence, evidence of the use of sleeping pills and text messages documenting the state of mind of the alleged perpetrator.

The paid leave policy also needs to be reexamined.Sadly, it's not uncommon for professional athletes to be charged with domestic violence. Several famous NFL players, NBA stars, and boxers have been charged with domestic violence. Some of these athletes later had the charges dropped, while others were convicted on multiple counts of assault.

Sep 24,  · Several professional athletes have made the news recently for charges of domestic violence, including athletes in the National Football League and the U.S. By some estimates, NFL players have a considerably lower rate of domestic violence arrests than the general population.

Combat sports athletes such as MMA fighters, boxers and wrestlers are especially sensitive to the topic of domestic violence as it has a greater tendency to reflect poorly on sports that are already considered “violent” and sometimes controversial.

Dec 31,  · The pro athletes and their money can often buy their way into probation or a short sentence, just by getting a high-priced lawyer. The double standard for pro athletes. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, SEXUAL ASSAULT, AND ELITE ATHLETES 3 Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Elite and Athletes: Analyzing Arrest and Conviction Rates Throughout America, the evidence of rape culture is omnipresent.

From even before birth, boys are expected to be dominant members of society while women are expected to be the submissive gender. Every domestic or sexual violence case in sports should carry similar punishments. If professional leagues like the NFL and NBA are cutting salaries and pulling contracts, it will show that their athletes are not above the law.

Athletes and domestic violence
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