Determinant to islamic insurance

Al-Nahdah, 19 2 In terms of reducation level, majority were have bachelor degree, 23 percent and, followed by master degree with 25 percent.

Subjective norm is therefore, internally controlled, it does not operate through external reinforcement such as the overt congratulations or hostility of others Malhotra and Galletta, The public higher education institutionsparticularly the received numerous grantswith many experts in various fields can discuss with the institution of Waqf to produce studies that can benefit the charity institution directly.

In contrast, takaful non-life insurance work more like a joint guarantee in which all participants contribute their own shares of premiums into a pool and mutually agreed to indemnify those participants who suffer from an insured peril.

This activity will be a winwin activity in the higher education institution where higher education institution entrusted to make studyconduct study as targeted and zakat institutions they have input very useful to be applied by them to provide the best service to the public.

In sum, attitude is the important determinant of acceptance on a particular use of a system, similar to the case of Islamic insurance. Food Quality and Preference, 3 1 Consumer Behavior 5th edition. A study by [1] seen the commitment from the authority, scholars and people could increase the capacity of the cash waqf in developing the ummah society.


Specifically, the data was gathered by structured interview using questionnaires. Waqf model suitable to work with Takaful concept as it was developed with the aim to benefit and mutual benefit.

However, in Malaysia, the average RoE for conventional insurers was 16 percent and only 6 percent for Takaful operators. Gopi and Ramayah carried out attitude had a direct positive impact on intention to use an online trading system.

All of the variables have positive relationship and correlation. In this model, the shareholders of the Takaful operator will initially make a donation to establish the Waqf fund. The study found out that income per capita was a robust predictor of family takaful demands, and long-term interest rate and composite stock index had significant relationship with family takaful consumption.

Therefore, understanding the factors that can encourage family Takaful demand is crucial because the market is still grossly under-tapped. It is become a trust fund established with money and transferred to an asset to extract its usufruct for the benefit of ummah.

Attitude toward behavior refers to the degree to which person has a favorable or unfavorable evaluation or appraisal of the behavior in question Mohd Suki, The questionnaire was classified into three sections.

The data given by respondent not accurate to show or answer the questionnaire. Moreover, the Malaysian government and regulators are looking to accelerate the expansion of takaful business in tandem with the rapid development of Islamic banking.

Generally, the Takaful industry is facing a lower return on equity RoE due to the intensified competition that small local firms face from established conventional players. It is concluded that the more positive attitude, the more likely that Islamic insurance to be accepted by bank customers.

Religious traditions may prohibit the use of certain goods and services, for example, Islamic teachings forbid its followers from drinking liquor and eating pork, while the veneration of the cow among the Hindus excludes them from consuming beef.

Information on Islamic accounting, on the other angle, explains the direct affect the intention students to enroll in the Islamic accounting course Amin, et al. Implications for technology integration in the learning curriculum. Subjective norm is therefore, internally controlled, it does not operate through external reinforcement such as the overt congratulations or hostility of others Malhotra and Galletta, There is a positive relationship between pensions and family Takaful demand.

The legal basis for the establishment of takaful operators was the Takaful Act, which came into effect in Laldin, International Journal of Business and Society, 10 1 Traditional TRA measures were found to be significant factors of the Islamic insurance acceptance.

Prior to the study, the questionnaire was pre-tested using four lecturers majoring in banking and marketing.

With respect to data collection, the respondents were politely invited to participate in the survey. Similarly, college students with prior experience purchasing apparel online had greater favorable attitudes towards shopping online Xu and Pauline, Moreover, the findings of this study may not be necessarily representing the actual level of knowledge and understanding among muslims towards the takaful products.

The study also examined a query whether the moral hazard could be existed among policyholders during the claim of the compensation. The following research questions were developed: Measures The questionnaire items were extracted from selected studies.Cogent Economics & Finance Volume 5, in their comparative study for life insurance and family Takāful in Malaysia also found income as the key demand determinant for life insurance and family Takāful.

Sherif and Azlina Shaairi ( Sherif, M., (Islamic insurance) demand.

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For insurance and Takāful demand. Determinants of Financial Performance: The Case of General Takaful and Insurance Companies in Malaysia financial performance of general Islamic and conventional insurance companies in Malaysia using panel data over the period of tousing investment yield The aim of this study is to examine the determinants of financial.

The Islamic insurance, also known as takaful, is a Shariah-compliant mutual risks arrangement based on the concepts of taawun’ (mutual protection) and shared responsibility. Determinants of Takāful and conventional insurance demand: A regional analysis Waheed Akhter1* and Saad Ullah Khan2 relevant to policy makers of countries where Islamic insurance has proved to be an established or a demand determinant for life insurance and family Takāful.

Sherif and Azlina Shaairi () investi. Determinant of Customer Loyalty in Malaysian Takaful Industry The population of the study will consist of customers who have subscribed to the Islamic insurance products and services. Self-administered questionnaires are distributed to eight Takaful companies in Malaysia as a study setting for this study.

Determinants of Corporate Demand for Islamic Insurance in Malaysia of tabarru’ (Jamil Osman, ). The word takaful is derived from the Arabic word.

Determinant to islamic insurance
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