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People would not fight on Christmas Day? Escalation President Johnson slowly increased the number of American troops on the ground in Vietnam.

The My Lai massacre was also a strategy that they thought would take down many NLF troops, but instead they caused commotion amongst both the US and the Vietcong as most people just thought of it as a disgusting vietcong tactics essay help cruel massacre of helpless and innocent peasants.

It is essential for them to demonstrate that the GVN is not capable of providing security to its citizens.

Viet Cong and PAVN strategy, organization and structure

The introduction of the US saw a similar mix. Taking into consideration of the terrain and their opponents I think that the Vietcong had better tactics to deal with the- circumstances.

However the critical population control and infrastructure effort continued, and the VC were still able to muster about 85, fresh recruits annually.

Recruitment and training[ edit ] NVA gunners manning a D mm field gunInitial recruitment and training. It was so big that at any given time, 10, trucks could be on it transporting suppplies. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Personal problems essays homework should be banned in schools essay dumle dissertation ucl selcs essay martina leykamm illustration essay vallaris glabra descriptive essay.

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The tunnels either connected from countryside to key cities or they were used to lead down to hidden bases. Or — as I had hoped — are we partners in a common cause?.

Describe the military tactics used by both the Vietcong and USA in Vietnam in the 1960s

Deployment of NVA regulars to build up logistical networks for later infiltration, the th Transport Group and insertion of complete regular units such as the th Division in remote border areas.

Rice production for example which had fallen below pre-World War II production levels insurpassed the previous level by This along with the Tet offensive, A surprise attack from the NLF, was making the War now seem in favour of the Vietcong as the citizens of America were now angry about the fact that America had gotten into a War that they were both losing and murdering innocent people.

Another tactic the Americans tried to use was to try and re-educate the South Vietnamese people. This was called Operation Rolling Thunder.

The Vietnam War

Organization into three-man cells and kiem thao "criticism and self-criticism" sessions were part of the tight training regimen. Many men watched as their friends perished in agony which added to the lowering of morale.

The initiative factor, made the American attrition approach, and its elusive search for a "crossover" point where communist losses would be more than available replacements unworkable. The AK could stand the humidity of the jungle and literally never jammed or even needed cleaning if it did, it was very easy to disassemble and clean It was an extremely simple weapon to which anybody could be trained on good news for the VC- they could recruit anyone and train them on this rifle, even a child; resulting in the Americans not being able to tell exactly who they were fighting and giving the VC that edge.

They sensed the heat and vibrations from everything, so if something was picked up, the Americans would know; and assume it is VC personnel. In the Vietcong made the mistake of using conventional warfare in an event called the Tet Offensive.

How Effective Were the Guerrilla Tactics of the Viet Cong

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The GVN made measurable progress in securing its population base—retaking areas once dominated by the VC and rooting out their clandestine infrastructure. The severe losses are noted even in official Communist sources.

Revolutionary Guerrilla War Early mid Our large-scale operations have attempted to enable the development of a protective shield, by driving the NVA and the Viet Cong main force units out of South Vietnam—or at least into the remote mountain and jungle areas where they would not pose a threat to the population.

They were all designed to mame but not kill. This was used by the North Vietnamese army and the Vietcong to bring troops and supplies into South Vietnam.

Westmoreland as not only sometimes counter-productive, but neglectful of controlling key population bases, and developing more effective ARVN forces. The American disadvantages came about mainly as a result of other factors.

But I do not believe the inadequate use of US tactics to be the most important reason as they only became inadequate as a result of the superior tactics of the Vietnamese and the advantages they held.

But the most effective were the ones that they made by hand. NVA training was surprisingly conventional, with little special emphasis on jungle warfare.

It also affected the ability for innocent farmers to grow crops. The communist strategy was to kill as many ARVN effectives as possible, paving the way for a collapse of the South Vietnamese regime before the Americans could arrive in force.The Vietcong against the US military Essay.

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Sign Up. Viet Cong Tactics Essay. Submitted Thus the tactics the Vietcong used in the Vietnam War such as building tunnel systems, booby traps, and Home Page \ Assignment Sample \ The military tactics used by both the USA and Viet Cong forces in Vietnam in the 's The military tactics used by both the USA and Viet Cong forces in Vietnam in the ’s Essay.

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Free Essays words ( pages) Military Tactics used by the USA and the Vietcong in Vietnamin Essay - Military Tactics used by the USA and the Vietcong in Vietnamin During the Vietnam War there were two main sides (other countries were involved, giving financial support etc). October 30, Communist terrorism help research proposal describes terrorism carried out in the advancement of, or by groups who adhere to, communism or related ideologies, such.

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